Episode 43: My Wife the Pillow

Yes, John Booney’s wife is a pillow. No, she is not stuffed with chinchilla fur. Gender politics and “creepy” adventures with Juanbon delving into the universal human sexual psyche.

Episode 42: The Bolo Tie

Marfan Mike might eat ass if he can clean it. Juanbon gets Chad riled up about internet bullshit. The 20-year mystery of the bolo tie is solved courtesy of Chad’s mom. Subscribe and support the show at chadshowpodcast.com!

Episode 41: Dark Day

Chad and Booney discuss the unexpected ‘dark’ day on The Howard Stern Show and delve into the more popular theories. Guatemalan exotic pets must be purchased at any cost!

Episode 39: A Story about my Retarded Cousin

Chad tells, from start to finish, a story about how his retarded cousin tried to murder him as a child. Zach Mecier, Howard Stern Show’s ‘Prettiest Penis,’ calls in for a bit, until John Booney starts throwing his weight around. Marfan Mike checks in and is more depressed than ever…send him some nudes, already!

Episode 38: Popcorn Jaw

Chad and John Booney talk with Juanbon about his father’s alcoholism and the resulting crazy stories. Booney doesn’t believe in therapy and thinks popcorn lung should become the new #Fad a la Roger Ebert.

Episode 37: 5-inch Suds

Marfan Mike & John Booney jerk off into the toilet, but is that the norm? Rhode Island has the best waifus on call who will work those suds into every orifice. Great ProTips abound!

Episode 36: Tardy Party

John Booney is late and Chad shits bricks. Artie Lange called the show ‘unlistenable’ on Twitter. Howard let loose on his ‘haters’ on the Stern Show. Bill O’Reilly is out and Richard Simmons might be in? Just another slice…

Episode 35: Ting Tong, Ding Dong

John Booney joins for an impromptu TGIF edition of the show. Serious discussions about America’s drug overdose epidemic naturally devolve into imitating Chinese people. Congratulations for listening to this!

Episode 34: Mularfans

Coda to the High Pitch Erik podcast drama. Juanbon calls in to discuss therapy and the colorful characters he’s met at his favorite coffee shop. In the midst of Passover preparations, Marfan Mike expresses his frustrations with the universe and fantasizes about a life full of half-black babies.