Episode 33: Feel Some Ubiquity

John Booney joins to talk Syria and some conspiracy bullshit. I address accusations of trying to manipulate High Pitch Erik and other grown men. I wish I could say it was a slice of life, but only time will tell.

Episode 32: Hi, Pitch!

High Pitch Erik Show drama puts its future into question. Marfan Mike calls in to discuss his love live and surprisingly conservative political views. High Pitch Erik and Jolie call in to talk about recent events on their show.

Episode 31: Symmetry

The symmetry of the universe is beautiful, and we’re all just swimming in it. Marfan Mike calls with an update on his dating life. Mike Pence has zero self control.

Episode 30: The Trouble with High Pitch

Radiogunk is fake news and their conspiracy theories are mongoloidish at best. High Pitch Erik calls in to discuss the future of his show, examine his relationship with Jolie and make amends with Fred the Elephant Boy.

Episode 28: Yung Bludd

Doug Goodstein & other former Howard TV staff are suing their current employer for ‘reverse discrimination.’ Howard Stern probably isn’t going to talk about Artie again. High Pitch Erik wants to call Chad’s mom.  The ending of the ‘Missing Richard Simmons’ podcast. John Booney exclusively reveals his ‘street’ persona.

Episode 27: A Weekend with Artie Lange

Recounting a weekend with Artie Lange & crew recording an episode of the Artie Quitter podcast while they’re in town doing stand up at the St. Louis Funny Bone. John Booney joins to talk Artie, Howard Stern, addiction and anything remotely resembling a slice of life.

Episode 26: Curb Stomped by a Dave Matthews Fan

Gonzo Shitcock calls in to discuss a recent TMZ article about Joey Boots and a surreptitious call to the Howard Stern Wrap Up Show by “Chuck” from “Massachusetts.” Marfan Mike provides a dating life update. Chad and John Booney discuss Colin Moriarty’s recent departure from KindaFunny.com and Joe Rogan’s response.

Episode 25: Marfan Blues

Casey Anthony is a murderer I wouldn’t mind murdering in the sack! Marfan Mike has the blues and discusses his past relationship & dating issues. Chucksteak pisses all over Melissa Joan Hart’s new book literally and figuratively.

Episode 24: Give Peace a Chance

Artie Lange and SiriusXM host Opie may or may not have a problem. Fred the Elephant Boy calls in to discuss his decision to reach out to High Pitch Erik with a gesture of peace.